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Are you also searching for the subway menu with prices and unable to find the right information on the internet?

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But you don’t need to worry anymore; this post covers everything that you need to know about the Subway menus list and the right steps to order from the Subway.

Whether you are a regular or new customer, you will find all the information you need to choose your favorite sandwiches and other items at Subway. 

So, let’s start without further delay; read the article until the end and explore the new subway menu. Before that, let’s quickly overview the items on Subway menus.

Overview of the Subway Menu With Prices

Before diving deep into the list of Subway menu prices with pictures, it’s vital for you to get a basic idea about the Subway restaurant.

Subway is one of the largest fast-food chain restaurants in the world, serving 7.6 million sandwiches every day in 37,000 locations worldwide.

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Subway is mostly known for offering a variety of healthy and tasty food made with fresh, quality ingredients to its customers.

Currently, Subway offers various items on its menus, ranging from its popular sandwiches, salads, drinks, wraps, and platters to soup; it offers everything you need to make your day special.

Now, let’s jump in and explore the different options of the new Subway menu.

Subway Sandwich Menu With Price

Subway offers various sandwiches on its subway menus, ranging from the black forest ham and Veggies Delite to the Italian BMT; they have sandwiches for everyone.

Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, they have sandwiches for everyone you choose based on your preferences and tastes.

Here is the list of all the sandwiches in the Subway sandwich menu

Item NamesPrice (6 Inch)Price (FootlongCalories
Black Forest Ham$4.99$7.99560
Italian BMT$5.99$8.99800
Oven Roasted Turkey$5.49$8.49540
Roast Beef$6.49$9.49620
Steak & Cheese$6.99$9.99720
Meatball Marinara$4.99$7.99880
Cold Cut Combo$4.99$7.99640
Grilled Chicken$6.49$9.49580
Turkey & Ham$5.99$8.99560
Rotisserie Chicken$6.49$9.49620
Chicken Teriyaki$6.49$9.49700
Veggie Delite$4.49$6.99420
Buffalo Chicken$6.49$9.49760
Pizza Sub$4.99$7.99920
Spicy Italian$5.99$8.99940
Veggie Patty$5.49$8.49780

The best thing about this sandwich is that you can customize it as per your preferences, like choosing your bread, cheese, toppings, dressing, and many more.

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Subway Wraps Menu With Price

After the launch of their sandwiches in 2005, wraps have become vital items on their subway menus. Currently, they offer a variety of wraps for their customers, ranging from Italian BMT, Meatball Marinara, and cold cut combo to some plant-based options.

In short, whether you are a meat lover or a person with dietary needs, they offer wraps for everyone and take care of their customers tastes very well.

Here is a list of the wraps that you can choose from based on your taste and dietary needs.

Wrap NamePrice (6-inch)Price (Footlong)
Baja Chicken & Bacon$6.99$10.79
Chicken & Bacon Ranch$6.99$10.79
All-American Club™$7.48$11.39
Baja Steak & Jack$7.99$11.99
Black Forest Ham$6.48$9.98
Buffalo Chicken$7.48$11.39
Cold Cut Combo$6.59$10.19
Italian B.M.T. ®$6.99$10.79
Meatball Marinara$6.59$10.19
Oven Roasted Turkey$7.48$11.39
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham$7.99$11.99
Roast Beef$6.48$9.98
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$6.99$10.79
Spicy Italian$6.99$10.79
Steak & Cheese$6.99$10.79
Subway Club®$7.99$11.99
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$6.99$10.79
Turkey Italiano$6.99$10.79
Veggie Delite®$6.48$9.98
Veggie Patty$6.99$10.79

Unlike the subway sandwiches, you can also customise the subway wraps, making them even more delicious to your taste.

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Subway Breakfast Menu With Price

Yes, you heard it right: subway also has a breakfast menu that contains various items made with fresh eggs and cheese, along with your choice of meat and vegetables, making them even tastier.

Here is a list of some of the popular items on the Subway breakfast menu that you can consider.

ItemsPrices 6 inchFootlong Price
Egg & Cheese$2.99$4.99 – $5.99
Western Egg & Cheese$3.49$5.49 – $6.50
All Sandwiches
Mega Melt$4.49$6.49 – $7.49
Steak, Egg & Cheese$4.99$6.99 – $7.99
Double Meat Egg & Cheese$4.49$6.49 – $7.49

One thing to keep in mind is that the availability and prices of the above items vary depending on the location and the promotional offers.

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Overall, Subway’s breakfast menu is one of the most beloved among lovers, and you can customise it to your taste and dietary needs, making it even more delicious.

Subway Cookies Menu With Price

Subway has a variety of cookies on its menu, including chocolate chip, chocolate rainbow, double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, raspberry cheesecake, white chip macadamia nut, sugar cookie, and peanut butter.

Here is the list of the Subway cookies with the prices you can order from Subway.

Cookie FlavorPrice (estimated per cookie)Calories (per cookie)
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.50210
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.25200
White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie$1.75220
Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie$1.50210
Chocolate Chip Rainbow Cookie$1.50200
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.25190
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Whether you like to taste chocolate on your cookies or some creamy nuts and raspberries, they have everything you need.

Subway Pizza Menu With Price

For many people, it may sound weird, but Subway also offers a variety of pizzas at its restaurant that you can choose according to your preferences and choices.

The best thing about the Subway pizza menu is that they have different types of pizzas, including Cheese Faltizza, Pepperoni Faltizza, Spicy Italian, and Veggie Delight Pizza; they have options for everyone.

To give you an idea, here is a list of the pizzas that Subway offers on its pizza menus.

Pizza Name
Price (6-inch)

Price (Footlong)
Subway Cheese Faltizza$ 5.99$ 7.99
Pepperoni Faltizza$ 6.99$ 8.99
Subway Spicy Italian$ 6.49$ 8.49
Veggie Delight Pizza$ 5.49$ 7.49

The best part about Subway is that it’s affordable and made with quality ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about the taste and flavor.

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Whether you like cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, or spicy Italian pizza, Subway has everything you need.

Subway Protein Bowl Menu With Price

Are you also a fitness freak who is conscious about your health and looking for something healthy and protein-packed food? Well, it looks no further than the Subway protein menu from the Subway.

It is one of the menus specially designed for people with dietary needs and preferences. All of these bowls are created with fresh and nutritious ingredients that ensure the quality and taste of their food.

Here is the list of the portion bowls that they offer on their Subway protein bowl menu.

Name of Protein BowlPrice
Black Forest Ham$9.00
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt Protein Bowl$10.50
Chicken Teriyaki Protein Bowl$9.75
Cold Cut Combo Protein Bowl$10.25
Italian B.M.T. Protein Bowl$11.00
Meatball Marinara Protein Bowl$10.75
Oven Roasted Chicken Protein Bowl$9.50
Roast Beef Protein Bowl$10.00
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Protein Bowl$9.25
Spicy Italian Protein Bowl$10.75
Steak & Cheese Protein Bowl$10.00
Subway Club Protein Bowl$10.50
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Protein Bowl$9.75
Turkey Breast Protein Bowl$11.00
Veggie Delite Protein Bowl$8.50

Choosing the right portion bowl can be daunting, especially if you don’t know about the types of bowls they offer; to get a complete idea, you can also read our guide on the Subway protein bowl menu with price.

Subway Salad Menu With Price

It is another healthier meal option at Subway that you choose, especially if you have some dietary needs and preferences.

They offer various subway salads you can choose from and customize as per your taste, making them even more delicious and personalized per your choice.

Salad NamePriceCalories
Italian BMT Salad$7.99240
Oven Roasted Chicken Salad$8.99130
Roast Beef Salad$10.49140
Steak & Cheese Salad$9.39210
Subway Club Salad$9.59150
Meatball Marinara Salad$7.99300
Cold Cut Combo Salad$7.99180
Tuna Salad$8.99310
Chicken and Bacon Ranch Salad$10.69460
Veggie Delite$7.9960
Turkey Breast Salad$8.79110
Chicken Teriyaki Salad$8.89220
Black Forest Ham Salad$7.99120

Above is a list of the salad options at Subway that you can choose from to make your day more special. One more thing: Their salad is tastier than you think.

Subway Soup Menu

When it comes to its Subway offering, Subway offers a variety of soups on its Subway Soup Menu, which includes homestyle chicken noodles, broccoli cheddar soup, and loaded baked potato soup.

Most of these soups are customizable, meaning you can customize them per your preference and dietary needs.

Subway SoupFat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Protein (g)Sugar (g)Calories
HomeStyle Chicken Noodle Soup317144150
Broccoli Cheddar Soup91853270
Loaded Baked Potato Soup28522916570
Tomato Basil Soup4103590

These are the types of soups that Subway offers to their customers, but you need to understand that the availability of the soup depends on the demand and the location.

Subway Drinks Menu With Price

Many times, people get bored with Subway sandwiches, and due to this, subway has also launched some drinks that refresh the minds of their customers and give them a unique taste as an alternative to their Subway sandwiches.

Here is the list of the drinks at Subway that you can consider based on your needs and tastes.

Drinks Name Price (USD)Calories
Diet Coke2.49 (16 oz.)0
Coca-Cola2.49 (16 oz.)140
Sprite2.49 (16 oz.)140
Dasani Water1.99 (20 oz.)0
Simply Orange1.99 (16 oz.)70
Simply Lemonade1.99 (16 oz.)60
Simply Apple1.99 (16 oz.)60
Coffee1.79 (16 oz.)5 (black)
Hot Chocolate Mixes1.79 (16 oz.)130-180
Tea1.79 (16 oz.)0 (unsweetened)
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Overall, Subway offers its customers an extensive selection of drinks. The best thing about Subway is that it always ensures that the drinks are high-quality and made with fresh ingredients.

Subway Kids Meal Menu

As stated above, Subway offers various menus that cater to customers of different ages. A few years back, Subway launched the Subway Kids meal menu options, especially for kids.

This kid’s menu generally consists of mini sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and nutritional items for the kids; here is the complete list of the items they offer.

SandwichCaloriesFat (g)Carbs (g)Protein (g)Price
Kids Veggie Delite1602286$3.99
Turkey Breast2803.54618$5.99
Roast Beef1904.52714$4.29
Black Forest Ham2404.53516$4.99

In short, the Subway menu for kids offers a variety of options for your little ones. From black forest ham to veggie delite, they have everything that will satisfy their cravings.

Subway Sauces Menu

After trying most of the items at Subway, I can confidently say that Subway sauces can make or break your eating experience. If you combine the right sauces with your sandwiches, they will have a mouthwatering taste.

Conversely, if you add the wrong sauces, you will be disappointed with another offering. That’s why having information about all the sauces that Subway offers is vital.

I have shared the list of all the sauces that Subway offers on its menu for you to add to your subs.

Sauces Name Serving Size Calories
Chipotle Southwest1460
Honey Mustard1420
Light Mayo1550
Red Wine Vinegar40
Regular Mayo14100
Subway Vinaigrette1435
Sweet Onion1430
Yellow Mustard1410
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From my personal experience, it is always better to experiment with different types of sauces, as this will help you determine which combination works best for you.

Subway Toppings Menu

Subway toppings are the ingredients that you can add at the top of your Subway sandwiches to make them even more delicious as per your taste.

Choosing the right toppings for your subs can make or break your eating experience, so it’s crucial to do it right.

Here is the list of Subway toppings that you can consider when choosing the topping for your Sub sandwiches.

CheeseAmerican, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Provolone, Swiss
MeatBlack Forest Ham, Chicken Breast, Chicken Strips, Cold Cut Combo, Genoa Salami, Honey-Smoked Ham, Roast Beef, Steak, Turkey Breast
VegetablesBanana Peppers, Black Olives, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Jalapenos, Lettuce, Onions, Pickles, Spinach, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes
OtherGuacamole, Olives, Parmesan Cheese, Salt, and pepper

Choosing the right topping for your subs can be difficult, especially if you are new to the subway, but having the complete information about the topping at the subway will help you make the right decision.

Gluten Free Menu

Do you also like the Subway items from their menu but are worried about the gluten they contain, which can affect your body? If so, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

With the launch of Subway gluten free menu, they have taken good steps toward helping people with celiac disease or who are gluten-sensitive, here is the list of the items that claim to be gluten free.

Sweet Onion Sauce, Smokey Honey Mustard, Peppercorn Ranch, Yellow Mustard, Mayonnaise, House sandwich sauces, Buffalo, Barbecue, Tomato, and chipotle southwest sauces.

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Subway Catering Menu

Subway’s catering menu is mostly for people thinking of organizing any event or a family get-together as it consists of the different items they offer, which can surely impress your guests and make your party even more enjoyable.

Here is the complete list of the items that they offer on the Subway catering menu.

Platter NameDescriptionServesPrice
Classic Combo PlatterMix of Subway’s favorite sandwiches, including Turkey Breast, Black Forest Ham, Tuna, and Italian B.M.T.5-9$39.99
Flavor Craver PlatterFeatures subs with bold flavors, such as Spicy Italian, Subway Melt, Chicken & Bacon Ranch, and Steak & Cheese.5-9$39.99
Subway Fresh Fit PlatterOffers healthier options, including Veggie Delite, Black Forest Ham, Turkey Breast, and Subway Club.5-9$39.99
Meat and Cheese PlatterDelightful mix of ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, and assorted cheeses on freshly baked bread.5-9$39.99
Toppings PlatterBurst of flavor with a variety of fresh toppings to customize sandwiches.$43.99
Individual ToppingsAvailable for individual purchase to customize sandwiches.$12.49
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Unlike other menus, subway has also given customization options to the catering menu, which means you can customize your order based on the number of guests.

New Subway Series Menu

It is one of the most special menus that Subway offers to its customers. It contains different collections of pre-made sandwiches created by artists with years of experience.

This special subway offering is available for a limited time during special events or festivals; here is the name of all the 12 subway sandwiches.

  • Philly (Cheese Steaks)
  • The Outlaw (Cheese Steaks)
  • The Monster (Cheese Steaks)
  • Supreme Meats (Italianos)
  • Bella Mozza (Italianos)
  • The Boss (Italianos)
  • The Mexical (Chicken)
  • The Great Garlic (Chicken)
  • The Camp (Chicken)
  • All American Club
  • The Subway Club
  • Turkey Cali Club

However, you can also read about the new Subway series menu for more information, including prices, nutritional facts, and tips for saving money.

Subway Bread Choices

One of the first things that you need to choose to get the perfect sandwich is bread, and Subway offers different types of bread, from white bread to Italian bread to Honey Oat bread and more.

Here is the complete list of all the types of bread that subway offers to it’s customers

  • Italian Bread
  • 9 Grain White Bread
  • Multi-Grain Flatbread
  • Italian Herbs & Cheese Bread
  • Flatbread
  • Hearty Italian Bread
  • Honey Oats Bread
  • Jalapeno Cheese Bread
  • Roasted Garlic Bread
  • Monterrey Cheddar Bread
  • Parmesan Oregano Bread
  • Rye Bread
  • Rosemary & Sea Salt Bread

But knowing the name of the bread is not enough to decide which one is best for you. There are various things that you need to consider. You can check our complete guide on the subway bread choice, choose the bread as per your preference, and get delicious sandwiches.

Subway Veggie Options

Subway veggies are another vital implement that can enhance the taste of your favorite sandwiches brings the mouthwatering taste, currently Subway offers various veggies that you can choose and assemble into your sub.

Below is a list of the veggie options that Subway offers, although they can vary from to location.

  • Pickles
  • Onions
  • Olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Lettuce
  • Jalapenos
  • Green Peppers
  • Green Chilies
  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots
  • Banana Peppers
  • Avocado

Now, if you don’t know which veggies will be suitable for my sandwiches, wraps, or any other items on the subway menus, you can check our in-depth guide on subway veggie options, where I have shared a list of the things you can consider before choosing any veggies for your subs.

About Subway

Launched in 1965, Subway has become one of the world’s largest food chain restaurants, known for offering high-quality food to its customers. Subway currently operates more than 37,000 restaurants across the globe.

However, half of these restaurants are located in the United States, contributing to most of the subway’s profits and more sales.

Beyond that, what makes Subway popular and a household name among people is its services of offering 100% customizable sandwiches or any other foods, which means that you can customize the food per your taste and preferences.

As of 2024, subway offers various items to their customers, as you have see above, but one of the most popular menu items of the Subway menus is their Subway sandwiches, which are totally customizable, you can add the items as per your taste and preferences.

Frequently Asked Question

What types of sandwiches does Subway offer?

Subway offers various types of Subway sandwiches that range that include Italian B.M.T, Oven Roasted Chicken, Roast beef, Steak cheese, Subway Club, Subway Melt, Sweet Onion Teriyaki & more.

What are the popular subway sandwiches ?

The most popular Subway sandwiches that they offer are Italian BMT, Tuna, Subway Club, Turkey Breast, and Meatball Marinara.

Are Subway sandwiches healthy?

Yes, subway sandwiches are considered the healthier choice, but here are a few things you must consider to make them healthier.

  • Choose the whole grain bread and add the lean protein.
  • Load up with the various vegetables and consider a wrap for fewer carbs.
  • Make sure you check the saturated fat before adding anything.

The above tips will help you make your Subway sandwiches healthier so you can eat them without any hurdles.

Can I customize the order at Subway?

Yes, Most of the items on the Subway menus are customized, and they follow the approach of building your own, which generally means that you customize any items from the Subway as per your taste and preferences and make them personalized.

Does Subway offer catering services?

Yes, subway offers catering services, and you can order them from their website or on the phone. Call to learn more about the Subway catering menu; you can read our full guide and get complete insights about the Subway catering menu.

How can I find a Subway restaurant near me?

Finding the subway restaurant near you is not rocket science; here are the simple steps you can follow to find the location of your subway restaurant.

These are the simple steps you can follow and know about the location of nearby subway stores easily.

Can I place an Order online at Subway?

Yes, you can order online at Subway. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Visit the official Subway website or download the Subway App
  • Make the account on their app or use their online ordering system.
  • Select what you want to order from their menu items & customize accordingly.
  • Add your pick-up and delivery details depending on the availability in your area.
  • Complete your order and make the payment through their app or website
  • For pickup orders, tell the staff at the restaurant that you ordered online

Subway also offers various promotional offers online, which will help you save on your order costs and get the most out of their offering.


The post gives you a complete idea of the subway prices and menu. We have shared a list of all the items that Subway offers on its menu, from wraps, salads, and sandwiches to some specific menu items like Subway series sandwiches.

Now that you have ideas about all the items on subway menus with prices, whenever you visit your nearest, make sure to order the right things in a proper way.

If you still have any questions or queries regarding the subway menus with price, you can let us know in the comment section.

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