Subway Catering Menu With Prices [Updated List]

Are you also thinking of organizing a party or event and looking for affordable catering options?

If so, then look no further than the Subway catering menu

This happened to me a few days back. I was looking for the best catering options for my friend’s birthday party after doing lots of research and asking various people.

I ended up choosing the Subway catering menu, not because it is the most famous restaurant, but because I like how they treat and serve their customer.

In this post, I have shared my personal experience with the Subway catering menu prices and vital things that you need to know before ordering from Subway.

Before that, let’s see the overview of what this post covers about the subway catering menu.

  • Overview of the Subway catering menu
  • What does Subway have for catering?
  • Subway catering menu with prices
  • Customization option for subway menu catering
  • Tips for choosing the right catering sandwich

Let’s get started without any further delay and see the overview of subway catering prices and menus

Overview of the Subway Catering Menu

Subway catering menu is the most popular option at Subway. It is specially designed for those who are organizing small and large gatherings or any kind of function. Some of the items that it includes are the sandwich and wrap platter, Gaint subs, subway to meal, and dessert.

However, knowing about their offerings is not enough to make an informed decision about whether to consider their catering services.

Let’s jump in and see the complete Subway catering menu list and the things you need to take care of before making an informed decision.

What does Subway have for catering?

Subway offers various catering items, including large subs, signature wraps, platters, and giant subs served with chips, apple slices, drinks, and freshly baked cookies.

The best part about Subway’s catering menu is that it offers a variety of customization options to its customers. You can customize your catering order based on the number of guests and their preferences.

It has worked for me, and most of my guests are impressed with the items ordered from the Subway. It has become one of the most memorable parties of my day.

Subway Catering Menu Prices in 2024

Until now, you can see an overview of the items that Subway offers on its catering menu list, and it’s time to dive deeper into this. You can see each subway catering menu with prices and what they contain and offer to customers.

Most importantly, this section will also cover how much subway catering costs and everything else that you need to know, so make sure you read to the end.

Subway Party Platter

A Subway Party Platter is the first option on the Subway catering menu that you can consider, especially for breakfast; this platter combines Subway sandwiches, which is best for feeding a bunch of people.

The best part is that these Subway Party Platters are made with fresh ingredients, veggies, and bread, which is another reason people choose them.

Moreover, you can customize subway party platters to your guests’ preferences, which can leave an impression. These subway party platter prices start from $7 per person, but the price may vary from location.

Here are some of the Subway party platter prices and options that you can order from Subway based on your needs.

Subway Giant Subs

It is the next option on the Subway catering menu that you can consider, especially if you are thinking of organizing a big party. This 27-foot subway giant sub can easily feed up to 20-25 people without any hurdles.

Unlike other Subway sandwiches, these giant subs are also made with fresh ingredients, so you won’t need to worry about their taste.

The good news is that you can also customize these sandwiches to suit your guests’ preferences, and these Subway Giant subs cost between $51 to $499, depending on the size and type of Giant subs you choose for your guests.

Here is the complete overview of the Subway Giant sub price along with the number of calories each of these Subway sandwiches contains

Subway Salad Bowl

The Subway salad bowl is the perfect option for anyone looking for lighter options or for someone whose guests have dietary preferences. It is only made with fresh vegetables and other healthier ingredients.

Moreover, the good thing about this salad bowl is that you can also add your own choices of topping and dressing to improve the taste of the salad and make it personalised as per your choice.

From my experience, subway salad is one of the healthiest meals that you can offer your guests if they have dietary preferences.

Here is the complete list of the salad options you chose for your guest at Subway.

Subway Dessert Options 

If you want to impress your guests, then there is no better than adding subway dessert to your parties; it’s like a cherry on top, and it brings sweetness into the taste and enhances their overall experience

Subway offers a variety of cookies and brownies in their dessert from their subway catering menu, and here are the options available from the catering of subway.

Subway Drinks 

Subwat Drinks is another item that they offer on their subway catering menu; it generally includes the beverages and the list of their drink, such as Diet Coke, Coca-Cola, Sprite, and many more.

Adding these drinks can be a great way to complement your Subway sandwiches and enhance your overall experience.

Here is the complete list of the drinks and beverages that Subway offers to its customers on its catering menu

Overall, adding Subway drinks from the Subway catering menu to your party or event can be a good choice, and they will complement your Subway sandwiches and the party platters.

Can I Customize the Catering Subway Menu?

Yes, you can customize the Subway catering menu as per your preferences and choices without any hurdles; you can choose the type of sandwiches, toppings, size, ingredients, and much more.

Subway always ensures that it gives customers what they want without compromising the quality of the food or increasing the prices of the product.

So, let’s move into the next section and see exactly what you can customize on the subway catering menu according to your taste and preferences.

Customisation options in the Subway catering menu

You have seen the Subway sandwiches catering menu until now. Let’s move on and explore the customization optimization for the Subway catering menu.

Choose your sub-flavor — As mentioned above, Subway offers a variety of sandwich flavors, and you can customize your sub-flavor according to your preferences and tastes.

Choose your bread — Subway offers a variety of bread for its sandwiches and party platters, including white bread, Italian bread, and sourdough bread.

In short, you can choose the bread as per your preferences and make your subway platter even more tastier for your guests.

Choose the cheese — Cheese is one of the most popular toppings on the Subway menu. Choose different types of cheese according to your taste and personalise them.

Add the toppings — Customising the platter or sandwiches with subway toppings is the best way to enhance the taste of your subway items. Some of the toppings that you can add are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mayo, and many more.

Choose your sauces —Subway also offers a variety of sauces for its subway platter and sandwiches, including mayonnaise, mustard, and honey mustard.

These are the list of the customisation options that you will get if you order from the subway catering menu and for that you can visit to the official subway website.

Things to consider for choosing the right catering options

Ordering the items from the Subway catering menu is not a big deal, but there are a few things that you consider to get the best out of your order.

Here are a few things that you should consider while considering an order from subway.

Size of the event

The first thing that you should consider before ordering items from the subway catering menu is to identify the size of the event as it will help you decide what types of subway platter or subway sandwiches you need to order.

Choose a variety of sub-flavors

As subway offers a variety of sub-flavors you need to understand the preference of your guest or family before ordering anything from the catering menu of the subway.

Add the complimentary items

Adding a complimentary item is always a good deal, as it impress your guest and make your party even more enjoyable and subway offers various complementary items on theirs subway catering menu that you consider at the time of placing order.

Consider your budget

Now you have the idea about the subway catering cost, I can say from my experience and it’s a affordable options comparing to the value that they offer on their subway sandwiches catering menu, but still it’s vital to consider your budget before placing an order from subway.

The good part is : Above I am shared the complete list of the subway catering menu with price, so you can consider them while ordering from their menu.

Is Subway catering good?

There is no doubt that Subway is a good catering option not only because it provides delicious food but also takes care of your health the best part about it is available in most locations.

As per the data, subway is regarded as the #1 food chain restaurant based on providing healthy and nutritious menu items in their Subway catering menu along with that it’s budget-friendly which means you can easily afford their Subway catering menu services.

Why you should consider Subway catering menu?

There are various reasons for considering their services but the thing that I like most about the subway is their way of serving the customers they serve the food the way the customers want.

The other point to be noted is that they offer a wide range of customising options which very less restaurants do which make them unique from the crowd.

Some of the other reasons for considering the Subway catering menu are

  • They always make the food with fresh and nutritious ingredients
  • They always ensure to use the high quality of product for making the food
  • They have a team of expert and professional chefs who ensure that you get tasteful sandwiches and subs

These are the reasons that you can consider if you are thinking of organizing the event the party or any family gathering.

Now let’s come to the main question that most of people have: How much does subway catering cost?

How much does Subway catering cost?

There is no definite answer to this question because the cost of subway catering depends on lots of factors and some of the things that it includes

Location: The biggest factor that will decide the cost of your subway catering is the location and prices of the subways can differ from the location and the region.

Order Size – This is the obvious thing the size of your order decides the cost of your order, if you order for the larger group you will have to pay more as compared to the small groups.

Menu Options – Subway offers various customization options but adding the premium ingredient will add a little more cost to your bill.

Delivery – The subway also adds some cost for picking up the order and deliver to your doorstep.

So the cost of the subway catering items depends on the above factors, but if you want to know more about the subway catering menu, you can check on their official site.

How to order from the Subway catering menu?

Ordering from the subway catering menu is not an rocket science and anyone can order it very easily, there are various that you can use to order from the subway catering menu, there are some of the conman methods.

Order from the Subway website

The first method that you can use for ordering the subway catering menu is from their website and to do that you need to follow the below steps.

  • Visit the Subway official website
  • Add the items that you want to order
  • Add the customization options as per your taste
  • Mention your location & make the payment
  • Now you are ready to enjoy subway catering menu items

Third-Party Platforms

Another method that you use to order from the subway is using a third-party website like EZ cater this process of ordering from this website is similar to the subway official website but the benefit of ordering from third-party platform is they gives some additional discounts and coupon codes.

Order over the phone call

This is one of the best options among all phones, you just need to grab the phone and give your order, and also give them the instructions for customizing your subs.

Another benefit of using the method is you can directly ask questions if you have any regarding the catering subway menu as their staff will assist and guide you with your catering order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many subs are in a SUBWAY platter?

SUBWAY Platter contains 15 portions of sub with 5 different flavors that you can choose from as per your need

How many does a SUBWAY platter feed?

Each SUBWAY platter can be served a minimum of 5-9 people with subway platters.

What’s in a SUBWAY classic platter?

The SUBWAY Classic Platter is a platter that contains a selection of Spicy Italian, Tuna, Chicken Breast, and VEGGIE DELITE® subs.

What size is the SUBWAY mini-sub?

The size of the mini-sub is 3 inches which is budget-friendly and a good alternative to the subway footlong.

Can I customise my subway catering options?

Yes, you can customise your items from the subway catering menu as per your choices and preferences.

How much is a subway party platter?

Most of the subway platter start from $7 per person, but it also depend on the location and their offerings.


From the above article you have got the idea about the Subway catering menu with price and the things that they provide and along with that, I have shared the customization option that they offer to make your subway catering items more perosanlised.

If you still have any questions regarding the catering subway menu, you can let me know in the comment sections.

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