Subway Sauce Menu With Price in 2024

Subway Menu Sauces: As a fan of Subway for more than three years and experimenting with various items from their Subway menu, there is one thing that I can say confidently:

No matter what subs you buy from the subway without adding sauce and toppings, your subs are incomplete. 

However, the most common problem I have seen is that most Subway fans don’t have enough ideas about the Subway Sauce Menu. 

As a result, their minds go blank when choosing the sauces for their favorite subs, but no more worries.

Today, I will share EVERYTHING you need to know about the Subway menu sauces, including their prices, nutritional facts, and many more.

So, let’s get started without any further delay. 

What sauces does Subway have?

Subway has a variety of sauces on their Subway menu sauces list that you can choose from and add to your favorite sandwiches, subway wraps, pizza, and any other items.

Adding Subway sauces is one of the best ways to enhance the taste of subs, and here is the list of the sauces that you get from the subway 

  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Garlic aioli
  3. Sweet onion
  4. MVP parmesan vinaigrette
  5. Yellow mustard
  6. Honey mustard
  7. Ranch dressing
  8. Smoky BBQ sauce
  9. Chipotle Southwest
  10. Peppercorn ranch sauce
  11. Buffalo sauce
  12. Red wine vinaigrette
  13. Oil

Mentioned above is the diverse collection of sauces that you will find in their Subway food restaurant, but here is a catch.

Not all sauces listed above need to be available at the Subway store — It varies depending on the location.

Now, let’s overview each of the sauces and understand which one is right for your subs and wraps.


When it comes to the sauces on Subway, the first name that comes to mind for Subway lovers is mayonnaise, as it is one of the most popular sauces.

Ingredient – This sauce combines distilled water, soybean oil, egg yolk, sugar, vinegar, and some species.

I prefer to add mayo to my subs. It brings a creamy texture to my subs and makes them even more delicious.

The reason for adding this subway sauce is that it brings a creamy texture, which complements your subs perfectly.

Garlic Aioli

I am not a fan of adding garlic to my Subway sandwiches or other items because I don’t like their taste, but if you like the taste of garlic, assembling them into your subs might be a good option for you.

Ingredients – This sauce combines lemon juice, roasted garlic bulb, olive oil, and mayonnaise.

The best part about this sauce is that it’s vegan, so if you are a vegetarian, it can become your go-to sauce for your Subway.

Sweet Onion Teriyaki 

If you are looking for a sauce that adds sweetness to your sub without any additional calories and fats, this sauce is for you.

Ingredient – This sauce combines onions, mustard powder, paprika water, vinegar, poppy seeds, and sweetener.

I prefer adding the following sauce to subs to bring the unique taste of sweetness, not just me. Many people prefer this sauce as it is low in calories and fat.

It goes well with turkey, tuna, and ham sandwiches. The taste of this sauce goes well with turkey, tuna, and ham sandwiches.

Adding this sauce to your subs is a good option as it brings a unique taste to your subs.

Honey Mustard 

Honey Mustard is one of the most wonderful sauces on their menu list. 

It is the combination of honey and mustard in which honey brings the sweetness and the tangy flavor.

Ingredient – This sauce is made with simple ingredients, including honey, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, and a few species, just like sweet onion sauce.

Another benefit of adding this sauce is that it is low in calories and has no fat, which is one reason people choose it over other sauces.

In short, If you love the taste of honey mustard – you can go for it without any doubt.

Peppercorn Ranch 

Do you like to add something spicy to your sub? If yes, look no further than the peppercorn Ranch, as its sauce brings your subs an extra touch of spice.

Ingredient – This sauce combines buttermilk, peppercorn, garlic, onion, and a blend of spices and herbs, and this flavourful sauce will add more flavor to it and make it even more delicious.

Overall, adding this subway sauce is one of the best options to enhance the taste of the sandwiches and the subway wraps.

Goes well with – This subway sauce goes well with the chicken & bacon & ranch sub, and like the other sauces, it also contains low-calorie

Chipotle Southwest sauce

It is the most popular sauce on the Subway sauces menu and become the first choice for many Subway lovers; this sauce brings a spicy and sweet taste to your sandwiches, and you can recognize this Subway sauce with its orange color.

Ingredient – This sauce combines smoked jalapenos, garlic powder, cumin, oregano, onion, and other species.

Adding this sauce brings the southwest flair and the chipotle flavor, bringing a mouth-watering taste to each bite.

From my experience, this sauce is worth considering as it is low in calories and fat. You don’t need to add any additional calories.

MVP Parmesan 

Subway MVP parmesan vinaigrette is one of the popular condiments on the subway, and it is primarily used in its sandwiches.

Ingredient: It combines soybean oil, water, parmesan cheese, vinegar, garlic, and other species.

However, the main ingredient of Subway is parmesan cheese, which adds a creamy, rich texture to your Subway sandwiches and complements the other ingredients of the subs.

It goes well with this sauce, which usually goes with the subway sandwiches, but you can also pair it with the subway salad options and wraps and add some tangy flavor.

Yellow Mustard 

It is the simplest sauce I have tried at the subway from the Subway sauce menu, and the best part is that you can add this sauce to any subs.

Ingredient – This sauce combines mustard seeds, water, vinegar, lemon juice, and other liquids with some species.

It is mainly known as the lowest-calorie sauce on the Subway sauce list, containing only 20 calories.

It goes well with – From my experience, it goes well with the cold cut combo and the oven-roasted turkey sandwiches, and if you are new to the subway, I will recommend trying it for sure.

BBQ Sauce 

BBQ sauce is another sauce I have tried recently, and from my experience, if you want a spicy taste and a little sweetness, this Subway sauce is for you.

Ingredient – As per my experiment, this sauce is made with a blend of spices, sugar, and vinegar, which brings sweetness and a spicy taste to your sandwiches.

Additionally, this sauce goes well with the Subway chicken subs, and the next time you visit the Subway store, try this sauce for sure.

Buffalo Sauce 

Buffalo sauce is similar to BBQ sauce, mostly known for adding spice to the Subway sandwich.

However, what differentiates this sauce from BBQ sauce is its tangy taste rather than sweetness.

The research found that this buffalo sauce only contains ten calories and can go well with the Subway bowl, wraps, and salad.

Subway Oil 

Subway oil is a mixture of olive and canola oil, mainly used in subs, wraps, and salads to add to the bitter taste. Don’t worry. The taste is enjoyable.

And if you have been a fan of Subway for a long time, you would know that Subway has been using this oil for a while.

Adding this subway oil adds flavor and taste to your subs, wraps, and salad. You can pair this with red wine vinegar; many people love adding this oil to their favorite subs.

Red Wine Vinegar 

Red wine vinegar from the subway is another sauce that is suitable for people who don’t want to make their subs too spicy.

In short: It adds flavor and enhances the taste of Subway wraps, salads, and sandwiches and it tastes stronger than any other sauces of the subway.

These are the diverse list of sauces from the Subway menu that you can add to your sub and make it even more delightful in taste.

Nutritional Facts of the Subway Menu Sauces

Another way many people decide which Subway sauce to add to their menu is by checking the nutritional information and the number of calories each Subway sauce contains.

Here is the complete list of nutritional facts for the Subway sauces menu List

SauceServing (g)CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Sat. Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Carbs (g)Sugar (g)
Chipotle Southwest146071511
Honey Mustard142000044
Light Mayo155051510
Red Wine Vinegar4000000
Regular Mayo141001121000
Subway Vinaigrette14353.50.5011
Sweet Onion143000078
Yellow Mustard14100.50010

How to choose the right subway sauces for sandwiches?

Choosing the right Subway sauce is not a big deal; the first thing you need to consider is knowing the ingredients of your Subway sandwiches.

For example, if you are having a chicken sandwich, adding sauces like honey mustard or barbecue sauce will be a good choice as it complements the chicken.

If you buy the veggie sandwich, adding the mayonnaise or sweet onion would be great as it complements it.

But if you cannot decide, you can ask the sandwich artist. 

Which subway sauce is best?

From my experience, all the sauces at the subway are delicious once you add them to your subway sandwiches and other items.

But in most cases, the choices of the subway sauces depend on the individual’s personal preference, which can vary from person to person.

The first thing you do is experiment with the different sauces, but here is one research that shows the type of sauces most people choose from the Subway sauces menu.

From the above data, you can take the idea about the types of subway sauce you choose and add them to your favorite sub.

Which subway sauce is the healthiest?

As mentioned, many sauces are available on their Subway sauces menu list, but only a few are healthy, including honey mustard sauce, yellow mustard sauce, and sweet onion sauce.

Are Subway sauces vegan?

Not all Subway sauces are vegan, but they have some vegan sauces, including barbeque, buffalo, and vinaigrette sauces.


After experimenting with different subway toppings and flavors, I learned that your choices of dressing make or break your eating experience at Subway. Choosing the right one is very crucial.

The above post gave you an idea about the diverse collection of sauces in their Subway sauces menu choices.

The next time whenever you order your favorite subs, be sure to add the best sauces from the wide range and diverse collection of the Subway Sauce Menu

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Subway sauce has the least calories?

Some of the least-calorie sauces are honey mustard (20 calories), Red wine Vinegar (0 calories), Yellow Mustard (10 Calories), and sweet onion teriyaki (30 Calories).

What is the most popular Subway sauce?

Chipotle Southwest sauce is one of the most popular sauces at the Subway.

It is creamy and smoky in texture and goes well with any kind of Subway sandwich.

Does Subway sell their sauces?

No, Subway does not sell its sauces directly, but you can find some of them in grocery stores in the United States, but they are not available worldwide.

Which Sauce Is Tangy In Subway?

Sweet onion teriyaki is considered one of the sauces that bring the tangy flavor into your subs, and if you want to add the spicy taste, you can assemble it into your subs.

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