About Us

Firstly, thanks for landing on this page and showing your interest in learning more about the Subway Menus Hub, a blog specially designed by Subway lovers for Subway lovers.

Before sharing more about Subway lovers, let me share a story about how Subway Menus Hub started.

About the Author: Cosima Efron

My name is Cosima Efron. I’m a part-time blogger, a full-time housewife, and the proud mother of a small kid. My journey of working with Subway began very early.

Specifically, I started working at a local subway restaurant in college as I needed some money to manage the expenses of my studies, but later, I enjoyed working with them.

How Does Subway Menus Hub Started?

After working with the subway for over two years, I have learned everything about it and its offerings, including some of these things.

  • How do you deal with the customer and complete their order?
  • How can the customer order be customized?
  • What it takes to make a delicious and healthy meal?

I have also understood their menu and the types of offerings they have for their customers, ranging from morning breakfast, sandwiches, and subway drinks to catering options and everything on their subway menu.

Due to my excellent performance and dedication to my work, I was promoted to supervisor, managing a team of people and supervising them.

But life had a different plan. I got married after receiving my promotion and decided to leave my job to take care of my family, but my love for the subway has never faded.

That’s when I decided to create the Subway Menus Hub to share my knowledge and experience about subway menus and their offerings, help you make informed decisions, and get the most out of your order.

What is the motive of Subway Menus Hub?

Subway Menus Hubs was created solely to provide information regarding Subway menus and offerings. This website is not associated with any official Subway brand or affiliated with it.

We are just a group of subway lovers who always look out for the exciting and interesting things about the subway to give our readers the best experience of the subway and its offerings.

Note — All the information and prices shared on this blog about the subway menus are just estimates, and they might vary from place to place, so make sure to check the price of the offering at your nearby subway restaurant.

Lastly, I will say that in this blog, I share everything that you need to know about Subway, from a detailed explanation of the items on their menu to the best time to grab breakfast or lunch.

You will find it all here, but that’s not all. Sometimes, I also share some fantastic tricks to help you save money on your survey orders.

Currently, I’m living in Bakersfield, CA, with my family, enjoying my life and exploring different hobbies. However, I still love those days when I used to work with the subway and serve customers with their orders.

I hope you loved my story of how I started my blog about the Subway Menus Hub; now, if you still have any questions, please let me know in the comment section or ping me here.