Subway Drinks Menu With Price 2024

Subway Drinks Menu: I have been eating on the Subway for a long time but to be honest I got bored with regular Subway menu items and this time I want to try something new, fresh, and light.

But I don’t what should I choose from their menu.

After exploring their menu for more than 15 min I stumbled upon the Subway drinks which I found unique to the regular items —- I decided to give it a try and ended up ordering more than 7 drinks.

After trying their Subway drinks — I found some drinks were more favorable than others.

In this guide, I have shared everything that you need to know about the Subway drinks menu including prices, nutritional facts, and lots.

So let’s get started without any further delay.

Subway Drink Prices (Updated Lists)

Now before I jump into the details of each drink that Subway has on thier menu you need to know the items that they offer to their customers on their Subway menus.

Let’s have a quick overview of the drinks that Subway has on thier menu with prices.

These are lists of the drinks that Subway has on thier menu and you can try these drinks at any of the Subway stores near your home.

But there is one thing that you need to keep in mind: The availability of these drinks varies from location — so be sure to check the updated list on your local subway stores.

Overview of the Subway drink menu

When it comes to choosing the subway drinks — one of the most common problems that I have seen most people face is: Getting confused about which subway drink they choose from the menu.

And the major reason behind this is they don’t have enough idea about the Subway drinks menu.

There are many drink options that Subway offers to their customer and these drinks are divided into three categories.

  • Fountain Drinks 
  • Bottled Drinks 
  • Hot Drinks 

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of each of the above categories and share which drink you should choose from the Subway menu.

Subway fountain drinks

Fountain drinks at Subway are one of the most popular drink categories at Subway and these are the drinks that you get yourself from their machine as per your preference and needs.

subway fountain drinks

All you need do is select the drink as per your choice, put the cup on the jar of the machine, and press the down you are done — the machine will fill the cup in a few minutes.

Here is the list of the Subway fountain drinks that you can get at your local Subway stores, I have shared also shared the drink sizes at subway — so you get the better idea about which one to choose.

Diet Coke 

 It is nothing but a sugar-free version of Coca-Cola with the same taste without calories this drink comes in three different sizes small, medium, and large sizes and the price of each drink varies based on the size.

Sizes Price Calories 
Small $1.990
Medium $2.390
Large $2.750

Coca Cola 

It is the most popular drink among people and is mostly known for its distinctive sweet and refreshing taste it also comes in three different sizes small, medium, and large — here are the prices of all the drinks.

Sizes Price Calories 
Small $1.99240
Medium $2.39270
Large $2.75490


It is another lemon-flavored drink that is available on the drink menu of Subway and it is mostly known for referring and sweet taste it popular choice for people who enjoy and love the taste of lemon-lime.

Subway Sprite drink
Sizes Price Calories 
Medium $2.39340
Large $2.75450

These are the list fountain drinks of the subway that you can get at your nearby Subway stores but there is one thing that you need to consider and that is :

The prices and availability of the above-mentioned drink vary from the different locations, places, and special deals.

Now let’s move into the next category of the drink menu Subway which is Subway bottled drinks.

Subway Bottled Drink 

It refers the to types of drinks that Subway offers in the bottle — Adding this bottled drink along with Subway sandwiches or wraps can be a good option as it complements your preference.

There are a variety of Subway bolted drinks available on their menu which you can choose from – Here I have shared the list of drinks that can be found easily in Subway restaurants.

Dasani Water 

Dasani is a brand of purified water that is owned by the Coca-Cola company it is popular as a refreshing drink and you can also pair it well with your Subway sandwiches and wraps.

Subway Dasani Water

The best thing about this water is undergoes a rigorous filtration process so you need to worry about the purity of this water.

The price of per bottle water is $2.50 for the 500ML — So it is not expensive and you can afford it.

ItemsVolume Price 
Dasani Water 500 ML $2.50

Simply Orange

Simply orange is another drink and choice for many subway lovers like the Dasani this company is also owned by Coca-Cola and the best part is that this concentrated juice comes with the original taste without any added sugar.

Subway Simply Orange
ItemsVolume Price 
Simply Orange 500 ML $2.50

Simply Lemonade 

This juice is similar to homemade lemonade and is made with natural ingredients without adding another flavor — This lemonade is also beneficial for many things like weight loss, hydration, and digestion issues.

Subway Simply Lemonade
ItemsVolume Price 
Simply Lemonade 500 ML $2.50

Simply Apple 

It is similar to both lemonade and the orange but it consists of the flavor of the apple which makes it even more tastier if you love the taste of the apple.

As per my experience, this juice is the perfect match with the Subway sandwiches and wraps, and the best thing about this it contains antioxidant properties which is helpful for your heart and digestive health.

Subway Simply Apple
Items Volume Price 
Simply Apple 500 ml $2.50

The last drink category that comes into the list of the drink menu Subway is the hot drink so let’s discuss and see the drinks that are available for you.

Hot Drinks 

Hot drinks are the other drinking options that are available at the subway for the customers who prefer hot drinks and here is the list of the popular hot drinks.


Subway generally serves two types of coffee to customers that are regular and deaf coffee there are some Subway store that also offers the other flavor of coffee but it’s not available in all the locations.

Item NameSizePrice 
Regular Coffee12 oz$1.99
Regular Coffee16 oz$1.99

Hot chocolate Mixes

Hot chocolate mixed is another type of drink that is available on the drink menu it is made with cocoa powder, milk, and sugar and generally offers ready-made hot chocolate mixes.


The last thing drink that is available on the Subway drink menu is tea, they offer various types of tea including black tea green tea, and tea with some other ingredients.

Can I customize my Subway drink?

The answer is yes, you can customize the Subway drink as per your choice and preferences, and here are some of the things that you can customize for your Subway drink.

Ice – Adding Ice on the subway can be a good option, you can add less or more Ice as per your preference.

Sweetness – You can also customize your drink with the addition of sweetness into it can be the artificial sweetness or the natural one.

Creamers – You can also get the customization for adding creamer, people add as per their preference and choices.

Add the fresh Fruit – If you want you can also add the fresh fruits to your drink to make it even more healthy to drink.

Now it’s your turn to experiment with the different options and customize your drink as per your preferences but here is one thing: The options of customization vary from location but one thing I assure you is that you will get enough customization options, you can also visit the subway website to know more about it.

Are subway drinks refillable?

Yes, the drinks at Subway are refillable but this mostly applies to the Subway Foundation drink not to all such coffee and other beverages.

How much do Subway drinks cost?

The cost of the Subway drinks depends on the type of drinks that you choose for yourself but it prices of the Subway range between $1 to $3.


Overall subway has an extensive selection of drinks that they offer their customers the best thing about Subway is that always ensures to provide high-quality drinks that are made with fresh ingredients.

From the above post, you got an idea about the types of drinks that are available on their Subway drink menu but if you still have any questions —- you can let me know in the comment section.

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