Subway Sandwich Menu With Prices (Most Updated List 2024)

Subway sandwiches menu with prices: If you are also searching this term, then you are more likely in the situation where you want to try sandwiches at Subway.

Maybe you have heard about these yummy sandwiches from your neighbor, friend, office colleagues, or anyone else.

But the problem is that you don’t know about the menu of Subway sandwiches right?

Well, you are not alone. I was also at the same place when I heard about the subway sandwiches for the first time from one of my friends.

However, after trying most of the sandwiches at my nearby Subway restaurant, I can confidently say they have more sandwiches than you think.

In this post, I have shared EVERYTHING that you need to know about the sandwiches at Subway Menu, from the types of sandwiches to their nutritional facts and the steps of ordering.

Let’s dive into this and explore the world of Subway sandwiches.

Overview of the Subway Sandwiches

There is no doubt that Subway is one of the world’s most popular food restaurant chains and is mostly known for offering its customers a variety of Subway sandwiches.

Currently, Subway offers over 37 million sandwich variations in its 38,000 locations worldwide and sells 2.6 million sandwiches yearly.

These data clearly state the popularity of their sandwiches among Subway lovers. Another reason people love Subway sandwiches is their customization options.

Yes, you heard it right; Subway offers customization options, which means you can design the sandwiches as your choice and add your favorite veggies, toppings, bread, sauces, and other ingredients.

So, without wasting any time, let’s see the complete overview of the Subway sandwich menu with prices.

Subway Sandwiches Menu With Price

Item NamesPrice (6 Inch)Price (FootlongCalories
Black Forest Ham$4.99$7.99560
Italian BMT$5.99$8.99800
Oven Roasted Turkey$5.49$8.49540
Roast Beef$6.49$9.49620
Steak & Cheese$6.99$9.99720
Meatball Marinara$4.99$7.99880
Cold Cut Combo$4.99$7.99640
Grilled Chicken$6.49$9.49580
Turkey & Ham$5.99$8.99560
Rotisserie Chicken$6.49$9.49620
Chicken Teriyaki$6.49$9.49700
Veggie Delite$4.49$6.99420
Buffalo Chicken$6.49$9.49760
Pizza Sub$4.99$7.99920
Spicy Italian$5.99$8.99940
Veggie Patty$5.49$8.49780

What kind of sandwiches does Subway have?

As you have seen in the above table, Subway offers a variety of sandwiches for Subway lovers, whether you are a meat lover, a vegetarian person, or someone looking for some lighter options.

The Subway sandwich menu contains everything that you need. Now, it’s time to explore each of the Subway sandwiches, see what each one contains, and decide which one you should buy from their stores.

Black Forest Ham

Black Forest Ham is one of the most beloved sandwiches among Subway lovers. It is made with multigrain bread, lettuce, fresh spinach, juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and red onions.

Each of these ingredients gives a unique taste to your Subway sandwiches and makes them nutritious options for people.

In my experience, it does not taste very good, but it can be the perfect choice if you are looking for protein-packed sandwiches with low calories.

Italian BMT

Italian BMT is a power-packed combo, especially for meat lovers, as its sandwiches have a combination of delicious Sliced Salami, Pepperoni, and tender chicken, which gives them a unique taste.

Generally, these sandwiches contain three types of meat: salami, Ham, and Pepperoni. They also include vegetables such as lettuce, Tomatoes, and Onions.

If you are looking for sandwiches that have a savory and delicious taste and satisfy your cravings, look no further than Italian BMT.

Oven Roasted Turkey

Oven Roasted Turkey is another sandwich offered by Subway and is considered one of Subway’s best offerings.

These sandwiches are made with oven-roasted turkey, Black Forest ham, Lettuce, fresh Spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, and red onion.

Overall, it is a good choice for people who want to make the taste of oven-roasted turkey with customization options.

Roast Beef

Roast beef is not a very successful offering by the subway, and most people do not find their sandwiches to be worth the money.

I was disappointed with the slices of beef they offer on their sandwiches, and they only offer 2-3 slices on the 6-inch beef, which is not value for the money.

Overall, most subway lovers are dissatisfied with the subway’s offering. It is not worth your money and lacks flavor and good taste.

Steak & Cheese

Steak and cheese sandwiches are one of Subway’s most popular sandwiches. They consist of slices of steak, melted cheese, veggies, and toppings of your choice served on fresh bread.

There are various reasons why people consider these sandwiches over others. First, the protein-packed sandwiches will satisfy your craving, and second, they also offer customization options.

Lastly, it is affordable, and you can get these subway sandwiches at any of the subway restaurants near your house.

Personal Tip: Experiment with the different toppings and subway sauces; they will enhance the flavor of your sandwiches.

Meatball Marinara

Meatball Marinara is an Italian-styled sandwich with pre-cooked meatballs, marinara sauces, and cheese served on Italian bread.

After talking with a few Subway employees, I found that this sandwich is regarded as one of the best in Subway, especially for its sauces.

Overall, it is considered one of the best offerings from Subway. It is easy to afford, and you can customize it according to your preferences.

Cold Cut Combo

The cold-cut combo is one of the classic subway sandwiches. It features a variety of ingredients, such as Ham, Salami, Bologna, slices of meat, and fresh cheese, all served on the famous subway bread.

It is one of the popular choices among customers, and it offers customization options.

This means you can customize this sandwich according to your preferences by adding the subway topping, veggies, sauces, or any other condiments.

In essence, it is the perfect choice for people who love deli-style sandwiches along with cheese and meats.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is always on the list of popular items on the Subway sandwiches menu, but previously, subway stopped offering this sandwich on the footlong.

However, customers still have the option to order grilled chicken on 6-inch bread, although it’s not available everywhere; it’s better to check at your local subway stores.

Overall, it can be considered one of the subway sandwiches that contain nutritional content and high-quality chicken in this item of the subway.

Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken is one of Subway’s most famous chicken-based sandwiches. It features slices of tender, white meat chicken with savory rotisserie seasoning served on fresh bread.

After asking various people and testing these sandwiches myself, I found that one of the things people mentioned they enjoyed most was the texture of the chicken and its flavor.

They also mentioned that sometimes, these sandwiches are overly seasoned for liking.

It is a healthier protein optional subway for people as it gives you a unique taste, especially if you pair it with sweet and onion sauces.

Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki Sandwiches are another sandwich option at Subway. They have mixed reviews from people. Some consider them one of the best options, while others complain about changes in the quality of the chicken.

Veggie Delite

The Veggie Delite from the Subway sandwich menu is specially designed for people who love veggies and avoid meat.

These sandwiches generally include veggies such as tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, onions, and cheese.

It is considered one of the best sandwiches for people looking for lighter, healthier options and the perfect option for vegetarians as it contains many meat ingredients in a sandwich.

Buffalo Chicken

If you love the taste of chicken along with buffalo sauce, then this Subway buffalo chicken is for you as its sandwiches are made with chicken and buffalo sauces, which are served on Italian bread.

However, some Subway locations have discontinued these sandwiches, so it’s better to check at your local Subway stores.

Spicy Italian

Spicy Italian is the other most demanding subway sandwich. It is made with spicy pepperoni and salami and served on Italian herbs and cheese bread.

However, many people have mentioned that this sandwich is more like the BMT sandwich option at the subway, although many people have liked this Subway sandwich for its texture and flavors.


Tuna sandwiches are one of the subway’s offerings, and they are especially popular on Fridays. They are made with tuna, added toppings of your choice, and served on fresh bread.

In my experience, you should give it a try, and some of the toppings that I recommend are

  • Prefer toasted bread before adding toppings
  • Add the tuna lettuce, onions, and the pickles

You can also add mayo if you want. It will enhance the flavor of your sandwiches and make them even more tasty.

Veggie Patty

Veggie Patty is another option for people who like vegetarian options at Subway. This plant-based patty consists of vegetable items such as beans, carrots, and peas, each with a unique flavor.

Overall, it is the best option for people with a diet preference or looking for a lighter and healthier option at Subway.

However, the availability of this patty depends on the location. It’s better to check into your nearby subway stores.

This is a list of the sandwiches Subway offers to its customers. You can find these sandwiches in most Subway locations.

Still, a few of the above may not be available in every location, so make sure you check at your local subway stores.

Nutritional Fact of the Subway Sandwiches

Before you consider ordering any of the above sandwiches from the Subway menu, looking into their nutritional facts is crucial. This will help you make an informed decision and decide which Subway is best for you.

SandwichCaloriesFat (g)Protein (g)Sugar (g)Sodium (mg)
Black Forest Ham (6″)2194.5188830
Italian BMT (6″)219161941160
Oven Roasted Turkey (6″)2183196790
Roast Beef (6″)2335247740
Steak & Cheese (6″)**320102531020
Meatball Marinara (6″)400172061080
Cold Cut Combo (6″)28010174980
Grilled Chicken (6″)**VariesVaries311440
Rotisserie-Style Chicken (6″)3006235710
Chicken Teriyaki (6″)3804.52618900
Veggie Delite (6″)2305.786310
Buffalo Chicken (6″)**430162761600
Spicy Italian (6″)430241941280
Tuna (6″)50729.1225840
Veggie Patty (6″)**VariesVaries136470

Can you customize Subway sandwiches?

Yes, you can customize your Subway sandwiches the way you want. In fact, Subway is known for offering customizable sandwich options to its customers.

You can customize your Subway order by choosing the bread, cheese, meat, veggies, sauces, and other toppings.

Overall, offering customization options to customers is always one of the key selling points for the subway, and it has helped it gain popularity for its Subway sandwich menu items.

How to Order Subway Sandwich in Right Way?

Ordering Subway sandwiches is not a big task, and anyone can do it, but if you want to get the most out of it, you need to have some knowledge about ordering

Here are the right steps that you can follow to order the sandwiches from the Subway menu.

Choose the right bread – Subway offers a variety of bread that you can choose from and assemble into your sandwiches. Choose the right bread, such as Italian bread.

Prefer the meat and cheese — Choosing meat and cheese can be daunting as they offer multiple cheeses and meat, including turkey, chicken, bacon, pepperoni, American, and provolone cheese.

Select the vegetables and toppings — When selecting the vegetables or toppings for your sandwiches, always select those that suit your preference, such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or jalapenos.

Have the right dressing – Subway is known for offering many dressing options, and some of the dressings that you can add to your sandwiches are mayonnaise, mustard, ranch, and Italian dressing.

Are Subway sandwiches healthy?

Yes, Subway Sandwiches can be considered healthier fast food options, but it depends on the specific choices you make while ordering them.

To ensure you have get healthy and tasty sandwiches, here are things you can follow

  • Always choose the 9 Grain Wheat Or Honey Oat Bread; it contains more nutrients
  • Prefer leaner protein options such as rotisserie chicken turkey breast
  • Load your sandwiches with veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach
  • Add the low-fat dressing, which includes mustard, vinegar, and the light mayo

If you assemble the mentioned items, you will surely get healthier as well as tastier sandwiches at Subway, but as it these fast food, make sure you maintain the balance and focus on your overall health

What are the new subway sandwiches?

Subway has recently added four new sandwiches to its menu to bring something unique and tasty for the customers.

Titan Turkey — This is a classic-style sandwich with oven-roasted turkey, cheese, and a few toppings like tomatoes and lettuce. It is served on Italian herb bread.

Supreme Meats — This is for the meat lover. It consists of salami, pepperoni, and black forest ham, with a combination of cheese served on Italian bread.

The Grand Slam – It is another new sandwich loaded with salami, pepperoni, black forest ham, and oven-roasted turkey, along with cheese and toppings served on Italian bread.

Boss Hogg— This newly added sandwich is piled with black forest ham, salami, bologna, and pepperoni, American cheese, and toppings.

These are the list of new sandwiches that Subway has recently added to their Subway sandwiches menu list to bring something new and unique for the customers.

Can you freeze Subway sandwiches?

Yes, you can freeze most of the Subway sandwiches for later consumption, but it’s better to apply condiments like mustard, ketchup, or subway salad, as they may become soggy and damage the taste.

How much do subway sandwiches cost?

Most subway sandwiches cost between $5 and $11, and to be more specific, most 6-inch sandwiches cost around $6, while a fully loaded footlong costs more than $11.

But it’s worth noting that the price of subway sandwiches varies greatly depending on the location, item availability, and promotional offers.

Frequently asked question

What Subway sandwich has the most meat?

Tital Turkey and the Grand Slam Ham are two newly added sandwiches on the Subway sandwich menu, which contain more meat than traditional Subway sandwiches.

What Subway sandwich has the most protein?

Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt is the sandwich that contains the most proteins, around 107 grams.

What Subway sandwich is the healthiest?

One of the healthiest subway sandwiches is Veggie Delite, made with lots of veggies that taste good and contain low calories.

How much is a footlong subway sandwich?

Most of the footlong subway sandwiches cost $6 to $9 dollar; prices vary depending upon the location.

How much are 6 inch subway sandwiches?

The 6 inch subway sandwiches cost between $5 to $7 in any subway location.

What is the most ordered sandwich from Subway?

Black Forest ham and BMT Italian from the Subway are the most ordered sandwiches from the Subway.


Subway always takes care of its customers, and that’s why it offers a variety of sandwiches. From my experience, they have every type of sandwich.

Whether you like meat or avoid it, they have sandwiches for you. All you need to do is find the one that suits your preferences.

Lastly, I recommend experimenting with Subway toppings and sauces. They help enhance the overall taste of your sandwiches and give them a flavourful touch.

Please let me know in the comment section if you still have any questions or queries about the Subway sandwiches menu and prices.

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